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VIVIANE SASSEN, bok Sol & Luna utgiven 2009 numrerad 56

Viviane Sassen lived for three years, before the age of five, in west Kenya, where her father ran a polio clinic, but she returned to the Netherlands transformed. Africa’s vivid physicality and graphic, colorful clothing left an indelible mark. At 16 she revisited Africa, revitalizing her memories. Reading Time: 4 minutes “When I was younger I was jealous of photographers who had their own very personal subject matter and aesthetic.

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Viviane Sassen was born in 1972 in Amsterdam, and lives and works there. She first studied fashion design followed by photography at Hogeschool voor Kunsten Utrecht and fine art at Ateliers Arnhem. Sassen grew up in East Africa and has been taking photographs on the continent since her first return visit in 2002. Viviane Sassen is a well-known Dutch fashion photographer who lives in Amsterdam. She ventured out to capture the images from this distant corner of our globe. Most of her photographs are in black and white, and focus on natural and human-made abstract shapes. In the Netherlands and abroad, Viviane Sassen is known foremost as an artist, whose somewhat surreal, colourful photographs of Africa won her the Prix de Rome in 2007.

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"To me 2019-12-13 Find the latest shows, biography, and artworks for sale by Viviane Sassen. Viviane Sassen’s photographic practice encompasses fashion, photojournalism, and f… 2013-01-09 2020-02-12 2014-12-04 For Dutch-born artist and fashion photographer Viviane Sassen, it is not Arnhem or Amsterdam but a village in the remote west of rural Kenya that holds the b Viviane Sassen (1972, Amsterdam) is an internationally renowned artist known not only for her autonomous photography but also for her commissioned work in the fashion world.

Viviane sassen

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Viviane sassen

Roxane, 2017-05-02 Viviane Sassen is a Dutch artist living in Amsterdam who works in both the fashion and fine art world A comprehensive collection of Sassen’s fine art works. Die Son Sien Alles, 2002 - 2004 Viviane Sassen (born 1972) is a Dutch artist living in Amsterdam. She is a photographer who works in both the fashion and fine art world. She is known for her use of geometric shapes, often abstractions of bodies. Viviane Sassen • Parasomnia, Parasomnia animates these feelings of dislocation between home and away, night and day, life and dreams.

Viviane sassen

Unika. Men ibland delar vi universellt vikten och värdet av det upplevda, trots att varje blick ständigt är sin egen. Visst fotografi har  VIVIANE SASSEN, bok Sol & Luna utgiven 2009 numrerad 56/300 samt fotografi.
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3,115 SEK. Köp nu. Om föremålet. First edition first impression (one of 400  Dutch photographer Viviane Sassen is one of the rare artists who moves between the two worlds of fashion and art.
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The intuitive way in which Sasses approaches her subjects is entirely personal, independent of other examples or reference frameworks. She often seeds the body as a sculpture, and concepts of revelations and concealment help to create the riddles in her images. … Photographs by Viviane Sassen.

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